"Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”

–  Martin Luther King Jnr

Just imagine if every school in the world went about their business as if this quote were true.

Imagine how schools might look, sound and feel different, if the school leaders really did believe that the type of person their students were becoming (that is, their character) was just as important as the knowledge and skills they acquired.

Rather than a "product" or "package", Character Matters offers more of a process....

My big idea is that the philosophy, vision, mission and purpose of a school should be evident in the curricular, extracurricular and pastoral components of a school. A truly holistic education, offered in the context of faith-based schools, should address the needs of the whole child – body, mind and soul. That is, the disparate elements of a worthwhile education should integrate seamlessly into an authentic whole.

Where this occurs, schools become effective partners with parents in developing virtues and character in the lives of children.

In Character Matters consultations and workshops, I offer to work with you (and your team) to develop a bespoke Student Wellbeing Framework which suits the context and needs of your school community. For example, it might look like this