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Character Matters was established in 2023 by Nigel Grant.

Nigel is a very experienced educator, whose most recent executive leadership roles have been as –

  • Director of Innovation & Learning at SCOTS PGC College, Warwick (2007-2017)
  • Executive Director of Faith & Community at St Paul’s School, Bald Hills (2017-2023)

Nigel Grant

My particular interest lies in the area of holistic education, especially in the context of independent and faith-based schools. More specifically, I can assist you think through the challenges associated with becoming a school which offers an education that is fit for purpose in these extraordinary times in which we live.

In 2020-22, I completed a Master of Educational Leadership, through Morling College. My research thesis was titled “Holistic Education, Student Wellbeing and the Application of Positive Education in Anglican Schools in Queensland”. I suggest that this thinking could be applied in any faith-based, independent school, with leaders who wish to deliver student wellbeing services that are congruent with their school vision.

I Believe


"For any school interested in providing an education worth having, the well-being of staff, students and families, a truly holistic education, and the development of a young person’s character, I highly recommend them to Nigel Grant".
Dr Paul Browning
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